Maslak Ganna S.

Head of the Department, Doctor of Biological Science; Associate Professor

Brazaluk Olexander Z.

Doctor of Biological Science, Professor, active member of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Shevtsova Alla I.

Doctor of Biological Science, Professor; responsible for the scientific work of the Department

Netronina Olga V.

PhD, lecturer; responsible for the training process of the Department

Lebedenko Vitaly Yukh.

PhD, Associate Professor

Chernousova Natalia M.

PhD, Associate Professor; responsible for students’ training process for KROK-1, the head of the research student group of the Department

Pismenetska Irina Yu.

PhD, Associate Professor; responsible for the educational and training process of the 2-nd year foreign students

Peleshenko Ganna B.

PhD, Associate Professor; responsible for the social work and safety conditions of the Department

Murashevych Bohdan V.

Phd, Associate Professor; responsible for digital resource support of the Department

Abraimova Olga

PhD, lecturer

Shevtsova Ksenia V.

PhD, Associate Professor

Khmelnikova Ludmila I.

PhD, Lecturer, Associate Professor

Responsible for the preparation of tests "Krok-1" in the specialty "Pharmacy" in the Test Center at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine ("Analytical Chemistry" and "Physical and Colloidal Chemistry")

Dmitrikova Larisa V.

PhD, Lecturer, Associate Professor

Klebansky Evgeniy O.

PhD, Associate Professor

Bilchuk Valentina S.

Assistant of the Departmen

PhD, Assistant of the Department, Associate Prof.

Tkachenko Victoriya A.

Assistant of the Department, PhD

Dolgih Ganna V.

Assistant of the Department, Admission Board staff member.

Shaul’ska Olga E.

Assistant of the Department, working on PhD thesis

Kuzmenko Ekaterina U.

Assistant of the Department

Korotaeva Elina I.

Assistant of the Department

Lytvyakova L.N.

senior laboratorian

Tropko O.A.


Mashkova L.I.