Bioorganic chemistry

Instructions for the preparing of the tasks

The address for sending back of control tests:

(Tasks should be sent not later the following day after the class date according to the calendar


In the letter, this student should mention the second and the first names, the faculty, the group

number, the topic number in the following shape:


AAAA - the name of the faculty in Latin (II_In)

BBBB - the number of the subgroup (411a)

CCCC - the number of the topic (top 4)

DDDD - the student's name

In order to get the answers to the questions the student might send a letter with the title "ZAPYT"

Answer YOUR variant questions, fill in the gaps in the given topic of the workbook, then take

photos and send

The list of recommended literature and materials:

1. Lecture materials in pdf slides;

2. Zurabyan S.E. Fundamentals of bioorganic chemistry. – M.: GEOTAR-MED, 2003. – 320 p.

3. Mardashko A.A., Mironovych L.M., Stepanov G.F., Storchilo O.V. Biological and bioorganic

chemistry: teaching textbook. – Kyiv: Caravela, 2010. – 240 p.

4. Mardashko O.O., Yasinenko N.Ye. Biochemistry/ Texts of lectures. – Odessa: The Odessa State

Medical University, 2003. - 416 p.

5. Gubsky Y.I. Bioorganic chemistry. – V.: New book, 2009.

6. Campbell M.K., Farrel S.O. Biochemistry: international edition. – China Translation & Printing

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7. Gubskyi, Yu. I. Biological chemistry: textbook for students of medical and pharmaceutical

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8. Biological and Bioorganic Chemistry: in 2 books. Book 1. Bioorganic Chemistry (textbook) —

B.S. Zimenkovsky, V.А. Muzychenko, I.V. Nizhenkovska et al., 2019 - 288 p.

The link to the Google classroom with tasks below!