Instructions and materials for English speaking students

Dear students!

During the quarantine period, most disciplines of the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Chemistry will be available for distance access in specially created Google classes. The step-by-step instruction for using this tool is given below.

1. To join the course and get acquainted with the theoretical material and tasks, follow the link to the Google class, which will be published on the department’s website in the DISTANCE LEARNING section on the tab of the corresponding discipline. Search disciplines by language of study, specialty and course. You can use the Google class from a computer or smartphone. For this, you must have a personal Google account!

2. Click "join" (the "+" sign in the upper right corner of the page).

3. Enter the course code. For each course there is a special code, and prefect (starosta) of your group will know it.

4. Then, follow the instructions published in the Google class and on the department’s website in the corresponding section of the discipline.

5. Some tasks require manual execution. Send your answers to such tasks for review to your teacher by e-mail, which will be published in the Google class or on the department’s website in the appropriate section of the discipline.

The format of the response document can be .doc, .docx, .pdf, .jpeg.

In the subject of the letter, indicate the full name, faculty, subgroup number and topic number in the following format:


AAAA - the name of the faculty (for example, 2_med)

BBBB - Group / Subgroup No.

UDP - Topic Number

DDDD - student surname

6. Take into account the instructions published directly on the tab of the corresponding discipline on the department’s website - in some cases they contain unique information. Be careful: the tasks for different groups and courses and corresponding links to Google classes, as well as e-mails for sending responses can differ! Do not confuse them!